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Your Title Partners in New Jersey

We are Independence Search & Abstract Co.,Inc. a privately owned and operated Title Searching Company located in Central New Jersey. Operating in 17 out of 21 counties in New Jersey, we pride ourselves on serving our customers  while placing our main emphasis on quality.

By choosing Independence Search & Abstract Co.,Inc. for your important abstracting needs, you can feel comfortable and have peace of mind knowing you have secured title searching services with a cost-effective, professional, and experienced New Jersey-based company. 

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Sanal Perveev


I have been in the abstracting business for over 19 years. Prior to hiring my staff and independent searchers (that cover 17 counties in the State), I myself performed the search work. I'm familiar with all aspects of the title requirements of this business. There is nothing more rewarding to me than a satisfied customer.

Phone: 732-431-1223

Fax: 732-431-5757


Office Manager:

  Barbara Andren

Staff Searchers

  Daniel Klock

  Justin Evans

  Amanda Andren-Tanai

  Matthew R Balog

  Ekaterina Perveev

  Karina Perveeva

  Nancy McConnell

  John C McDonough

  Maria Dashieva

  Irina Nemgirov

  Khyle Lizo

Phone: 732-431-1223

Fax:      732-431-5757


Our Team 
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